Primary out of district pumper and second
due district wide. It features 1,000 gallons of
water, full medical compliment with AED,
Thermal Camera, and other ISO required
engine company equipment
M-11 pulls double duty as our back-up
extrication unit and service company, also being
utilized for inclement weather response. It
features a 10 gallon CAFS Foam system
(capable of 200 gallons of finished foam), Full
compliment of Hurst rescue tools, medical
equipment and ISO required service company
First due Rescue Pumper district wide. It
features 1,000 gallons of water, Full Hurst
hydraulic extrication capabilities including
airbags and Junkyard Dog Struts. Full medical
compliment with AED, Thermal Camera, Gas
Monitor, and other Engine company equipment.
Engine 3
Engine 4
M -11
Serving as the primary water supply unit for our
non-hydrant areas of the district and responds
first out of district to rural areas.
It features 2,100 gallons of water, 3-way dump
valve and medical equipment and Thermal
Cameras built into the SCBAs
Located at 8951 Highway 9 Inman, SC 29349
This station is staffed 24/7 and has Spartanburg EMS
Medic 21 stationed just behind the building. The
business offices are located at this station as well.  
Tanker 1
Utility 1
Squad 1
Serving as the primary brush unit, first response
and second due extrication unit for the district. It
is usually the first due unit during inclement
weather. It features 400 gallons of water and 10
gallons of foam available through multiple
discharges including front turrent. It carries a full
compliment of medical equipment including AED,
full extrication capabilities with Holmatro Battery
powered tools, Hurst airbags, and other
Miscellaneous tools.
Primarily assigned to pull ATV1 to calls for
service, it is used for errands and hydrant
maintenance by the staff. Also used by our Fire
Marshal to conduct pre-fire surveys at
businesses within the district.
Kubota side by side that carries 85 gallons of
water and capable of carrying a stokes basket
for off road rescue. This unit also features a
removable snow plow for clearing the station's
pad during inclement weather.
Located at 945 Loop Rd Campobello, SC 29322
This station is currently staffed by volunteers and houses
our vehicle maintenance facility.
(please contact or stop by Station 1 for any business)   
Engine 2
This unit is First Due for all calls for service from
this station. This unit features 1,000 gallons of
water, emergency medical equipment, Thermal
Camera, and all ISO required engine company
Engine 1
This unit is our reserve pumper housed at
station 2 but available district wide to
supplement the need for additional
pumpers/units. This unit features 1,000 gallons
of water and all required ISO engine company
Brush 1
This unit is first due out station 2 for brush fires
and during inclement weather. It features 200
gallons of water and 20 gallons of foam in a skid
unit and carries miscellaneous other equipment
for grass fires.